Time Gap — New Hidden Object Game

Plunge deep in a whirlwind adventure with Time Gap hidden object game. Unravel curious facts about Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Lincoln and Einstein as you try to save the day. Travel around the world with the help of an interactive map, complete multiple tasks, assemble diverse collections and engage in fast-paced Match 3 battles. It’s time to challenge the destiny.

Lots of mini-games

Tons of mini-games


  • Complete countless tasks and play for months!
  • Experience creative hidden object gameplay
  • Bubble Shooter,  Snooker and Match 3 mini-games with three game modes each
  • Learn interesting facts about the outstanding personalities


Exotic locationsExotic locations

As you make your way through the game, you will learn a lot of interesting facts about the lives of people who have determined the course of world’s history. For example, Cleopatra had a weird hobby of collecting poisons and used to test them on her prisoners. Napoleon, on the other hand, never visited a doctor and could work 18 hours a day. Everybody was amazed by his endurance. He said that “The best cure for the body is a quiet mind”. Did you know that Alexander’s the Great favorite book was ancient Greek epic poem Iliad? As you assemble diverse collections you will learn more about outstanding personalities and explore domestic, cultural and spiritual perspectives of different people and epochs. It could be ancient scrolls, totems, treasures, high-tech artifacts, etc. Time Gap will let you have a time travel around the world in one blink of an eye!

interesting-facts Quotes and interesting facts

Following the storyline you will travel across the globe and explore various hidden object locations. Thus you raise your skill level and gain experience to unlock more spots on the interactive map. Various anomalies and natural disasters diversify the gameplay, so sometimes you will have to complete the HO scenes in pitch darkness, or face the item list with mixed letters. Don’t give way to despair – all kinds of power-ups will let you cope with any trouble you encounter!

Interactive world map

Scouring hidden object locations you will also come across numerous collectibles and special items. These are needed to comply with the requests of the wraiths who will guide you through this exciting adventure. Your diary will keep track of all the given tasks, because there may be a few of them at a time. Check it regularly, and learn interesting facts about your haunted companions and key information on the game story to finally return the Earth to the humanity.